Teach Online or In-Person

Go beyond re-purposed video conferencing software, to a tool designed for teaching music online or in-person

No Software to Download

Stop requiring your students to download yet another app. Blink Lesson is 100% browser based with no software or plugins to install.

Blink Lesson

Music Resource Store & Sharing

What if you had all your music teaching resources in one place? Plus, you could bring them up seamlessly in an online/in-person lesson, and assign as homework. This feature is so amazing, you have to signup now just to check it out.

Simultaneous Video Audio & YouTube Viewing

With typical video conferencing software you must use screen share to show anything including videos and audio. With Blink, view YouTube, uploaded videos, student practice recordings, and audio play lists without screen share.

Blink Simultaneous Youtube Viewing

Secure Cloud Recording

Record online lessons to our cloud secure storage. Then play them back during another online lesson or share with your students so they can review latter.

Group Lessons

The easiest way to setup and run a multi-student online lesson, period.

Spotify Integration

Use and stream Spotify seamlessly in online lessons

Second Camera

Use a second camera to capture your instrument or anything else. It's so easy, you have to check it out.

Lesson Notes

Keep track of what your students are working on. If you do online lessons, you can even write and read notes right from the online lesson screen!

Take Notes in a Music Lesson Session

Observe Teachers

Training or evaluating a teacher? Join an online lesson as an observer.


Blink Lesson Blink Simultaneous Youtube Viewing Take Notes in a Music Lesson Session