Blink Lesson Highlighted in Indiefferential Magazine

By: Blink Lesson

Blink Lesson was recently featured in Indifferential Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

What is Blink Lesson? 
Blink Lesson, a division of Blink Tech Solutions, is an all-inclusive online system for lesson teachers and studios. Since 2016, Blink Tech Solutions has served thousands of professionals and tens of thousands of clients and students. At Blink Lesson we are driven by two things: 1) helping lesson business run smoothly, 2) increasing the effectiveness of in-person and online lessons.
How did you decide to develop it? 
One day, during the middle of the COVID craziness, I was working from my home basement office. I had just finished helping my son, (15) set up his computer to take his bass lesson over Skype, which took about 15 minutes.
I sat back down at my desk, to continue coding a new feature for Blink Session, our teletherapy platform. Then it hit me. Why do I have to spend so much time helping my kids take music lessons online? Why are they using Skype or Zoom. I had spent the last four years building software to make online speech therapy with kids easier, could it work with music lessons too?
Music has always been a passion of mine. I've been playing music since I was nine and went to the University of North Texas for jazz studies. One thing I've always known is how important lessons are in most musicians' income mix.
That day, I began to research the technology lesson teachers are using. Quickly, I realized that music teachers use a lot of different things which are usually all disjointed. After digging in more and talking with my team, we realized just how much our technology could help, not only with online lessons. With the entire effect to run a profitable and effective lesson operation.
So, last summer we began by taking our Blink Session platform, designed for teletherapy, and building many new features to meet the unique needs of lesson teachers and studios.
How many users are currently using your app?
We launched Blink Lesson last November, but as a whole, we currently have around 5,000 people using Blink. Lifetime, since 2018, we have had over 25,000 users.

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