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Per Staff User
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Admin Features
Custom Login Page (Subdomain)
Text (SMS) & Email Reminders
Schedule for Other Staff
Invoicing & Take Payments
Student Dashboard
Share Students Across Multiple Staff Members
Secure In-App Messaging
Learning Management Features
Upload & Store 1k Resources (music, etc.) Per Staff
Resource Catalog & Share Resources
Student Homework & Music Sharing
Notes & Scoring
Goal Tracking
Upload & Share Student Files
Online Lesson Features
Online Lessons
Secure Cloud Recording (Play Recordings in Sessions and Share)*
Observe Staff in Online Lessons
Online Waiting Room
Interactive White Board & Save Boards
Screen Sharing & 2nd Camera
Group Sessions
Simultaneous YouTube Viewing
Upload & Play Audio & Videos In in Sessions
Staff Meetings and Add Staff to Group Sessions
Email Support
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14 Day Free Trial
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14 Day Free Trial
*Session recording to our secure cloud storage: $0.03/min with ten days of free storage. After ten days $0.001/min per day.

Enterprise Services

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White Label/Custom Branding
Training & Consulting
Custom Bolt-On Modules
Pre or Post Sales Technical Review

Pricing FAQs

Can we change plans once we sign up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time without losing any information or data.

Are there any commitments?
All regular plans are month-to-month and auto-renew unless you cancel.