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How To Add a Student
How To Update, Discharge Or Delete a Student
How To Update Or Delete a Student Login
My New Student Or Staff User Never Received the Activation Email
What Does the Student Dashboard Look Like
How To Link An Existing Student To An Existing Login
How To Update, Discharge Or Delete a Student
How To Add a Login To An Existing Student
How Do I Accept Credit Card Payments
How Does Student Linking Work
Can I Bulk Upload Student Data

Staff Users

How To Add a Staff Account
How To Observe Another Staff's Session
How Do I Get Back Data From Staff I Deleted

Online Lesson A/V

Not Seeing Video Or Hearing Audio
Change Which Camera Or Mic Is Used
Screen Share
I Hear An Echo
Mic & Speakers Have Permission But Still No Sound
Video Freezing, Cutting Out, Or Unstable
Possible Issues With Online Group Lessons
Can I Use a Virtual Background During Online Lessons

Other Tech

What If I Have An Internet Content Filter
Not Receiving Email
Invalid Certificate Warning Or Cannot Establish a Secure Connection


How To Watch a YouTube Video


How Are Lessons Adjusted for Different Timezones
How Do Notification Preferences & Reminders Work
How Do I Change the Staff for An Appoitment
Scheduling in Multi-Staff Environment
Schedule Color Coding
How Do I Setup And Use the Self-Schedule Feature

Your Blink Lesson Account

How Do I Cancel My Subscription
How Do I Toggle Features On/Off for My Entire Organization
Where Do I Find the Service Agreement (Terms)