Enterprise Services

What are Enterprise Services?

A simple definition of enterprise software is software designed for an organization rather than an individual user. The Blink Lesson platform is built around the needs of your organization, not simply doing onlin music lessons. We see "Enterprise Services" as the human or customization services you might need to help implement our software.

White Label
A Brand-Seamless Experience for Your Customers

With our white-labeling service, Blink Lesson will appear 100%, for your customers, with your company's branding. This service is way beyond simply allowing you to upload your logo. Colors, logo, domain name, emails, and other features all appear with your company, branding creating a brand-seamless experience for your clients.

Blink Lesson White Label

Custom Modules
Bolted On To Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs

The best of both worlds: The reliability of Blink Lesson's core software bolt-on modules built to meet your company's unique needs. Often, companies that need custom solutions look to build an entire platform from the ground up, but this typically ends up in lost money and unreliable software.

What Bolt-Ons are not: Blink Lesson is not a software development company. In other words, we do not build websites or ground-up custom software that your company might need. We are happy to connect you with partners that can do that.

What Bolt-Ons are: Bolt-ons are about specific requirements, related to using our software, that your company might need. For example, if you have a specific calendar you need to sync with, or an accounting system. We can build a "Bolt-On" that accomplishes that integration, or something similar.

Technical Review
Pre-Sale or post-sale help from a technical lead

Do you have a large number of users or are planning to utilize our API & SSO Services? Maybe you have other technical implementation questions. We are here to help. With our technical review service, you are able to meet with one of our technical leads who can provide detailed system and implementation information. They can work with you to determine how Blink Lesson might fit into your plan. This service can be purchased before or after your organization commits to Blink Lesson.

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