Schedule, remind, invoice, get paid, view reports, and much more

Timezone Neutral Schedule

Have students in different timezones? Scheduling and remindering can be a challenge. With Blink Lesson's scheduling system, your Timezone headaches are a thing of the past. Set a lesson in any timezone and we will automatically convert to the right time for the timezone your students are in.

Blink Lesson Schedule

Color Coded and Marked

With Blink your schedule becomes the color-coded go-to place your staff and teachers go to know what’s coming, and what they need to do. Appoitment are color coded based on: status whether the online session actually occured if a note was written and more.

Lesson Reminders

Improve attendance with automated reminders (Text & Email). Our reminders also automatically convert appointment times to your client's timezone. Plus, our reminders are smart - if there are more than one client linked to the person being reminded (mom, dad, etc.), we send one email with all appointments for the next day. Email reminders are sent 24 hours before and SMS, one hour.

Student Self-Scheduling

Scheduling lessons is time-consuming and frustrating. In Blink, your students can choose from your available appointment slots in the same place they login to have online lessons.

Invoices & Payments

Create an invoice, we notify your student, they pay online. With our easy invoicing and payment system, (via integration with , students can receive your services and pay in the same places, making it simple and seamless.

s Blink Lesson Reports


When you think video conference security, you probably first think of video, but it is only one aspect of keeping students safe. With Blink, ensure privacy and security with our versatile permissions system. With Blink Lesson, easily restrict or grant your staff and teachers access to specific functions, information, and students.

Advanced Reports

Keeping track of data can be a nightmare, especially with many students and multiple teachers. Blink\'s fully integrated design makes finding appointment session history and many other data points easy to find and download. We automatically track every session, who attended, when they joined, and many other pieces of information. All of that data and more is easily accessible via our reporting suite. Staff users have access to data pertaining to their patients. User admins have access company-wide.


Blink Lesson Schedule Blink Lesson Reports