Teach Online or In-Person

Go beyond re-purposed video conferencing software, to a tool designed for teaching music online or in-person

No Software to Download

Stop requiring your students to download yet another app. Blink Session is 100% browser based with no software or plugins to install. Click to start a session and you are ready to go. Plus use Blink Session on any computer with a mic and camera tablet or mobile phone.

Blink Lesson

Music Resource Store & Sharing

Take from the built-in resource catalog or upload your own. MusicXML, Flat Scores, PDFs , Word Documents , PowerPoint , Videos , and audio (mp3 or wav).

Simultaneous Video Audio & YouTube Viewing

With typical video conferencing software you must use screen share to show anything including videos and audio. Not with Blink. Blink Session is one of the only platform with the ability to simultaneously view YouTube videos uploaded videos and audio play lists without the need to use screen share. Save YouTuve videos to your resource list ahead of time or add on the fly in a session. Upload your own video or audio files to play in sessions. You’re in control.

Blink Simultaneous Youtube Viewing

Secure Cloud Recording

Record sessions to our cloud secure storage, play within sessions, and share with clients who can view on their dashboard.

Group Sessions

Blink Session provides the easiest way to setup and run a multi-student session, period. Conduct group sessions with an unlimited number of students and other staff at the same time. Take notes, give control to others, and so much more.


With Blink Lesson you can even set your document camera (or simply an extra camera) as the background to the white board. And when you use your document camera your webcam video does not disappear. They can draw point and type on top. Plus your clients can use a document camera too. This is also great if you are using Blink to observe a larger room and need the view from a second camera.

Waiting Room

With Blink, your students can join a session before you are ready or if you are in another session. If they do, we will notify you they've joined and give you the option to send a quick chat message saying you'll be late. If you want to add them to your current group session, it only takes one click.

Take Notes in Sessions

No need to switch between windows or use paper to take notes. Blink Session increases your productivity with in-session note taking. Notes can also be viewed edited and added outside of a session too.

Take Notes in a Music Lesson Session

Observe Teachers

Training or evaluating a teacher in your organization? Blink Session is one of the only platforms that gives supervisors/managers the ability to join a session as an observer. The teacher is notified you have started observing and you can even text chat with them privately.


Blink Lesson Blink Simultaneous Youtube Viewing Take Notes in a Music Lesson Session