No One Quits After One Lesson

By: Blink Lesson

No one quits after just one lesson.

Am I wrong? Definitely, but what about other things? What about trying out software?

We recently studied data from the 25k+ users we've had over the last five years and discovered three things:

1. People who only trial Blink are 93% less likely to use it, compared with those who sign up for a demo.

2. Trial length is 14 days, but 91% use it for less than thirty minutes.

3. Almost every paying customer grows as a result of using Blink.

Crazy right? But it really makes sense. We all know, Pro Tools, Finale, and Photoshop take time and training. It's not that they are hard to use, as much as it takes time to learn how to use all the features. If you gave yourself thirty minutes to see if Finale (music notation software) would work for you, you'd quit too.

Our discovery helped us realize - we can do more to help. So, three months ago we started building an amazing, and free training program!

Blink Lesson is now the only lesson system with built-in training, plus we still give you a 14-day trial of the system. After signing up, you'll be prompted to start training. Most complete the videos and questions in 1-2 hours. You'll also receive an official Blink Lesson certificate of completion.

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