Assign homework, share music, collaborate, keep track, connect, all in one place

Student Dashboard & Multiple Logins

Today, students go online to learn, even if teaching is in-person. With Blink, they can view their lesson times, shared notes, uploads, goals, recordings, join online lessons, pay, and practice with homework. Plus, with Blink's multi-login mom or dad can have their own login too, to keep track of all their kid's lessons.

Blink Lesson Student Dashboard

Seamless Homework

We all know how important practice is, but are you making it easy for your students? Blink Lesson's homework feature makes the transition from lesson to practice seamless.

Upload Student Files

Upload any file to a student's record , view them in a session, and share them with your students. Plus, clients can upload files to share with you, and attach files to homework

Blink Lesson Homework

In-App Messaging

Forget email. Communicate with your students right in Blink Lesson.

Assign Homework

Goal & Practice Logs

Set and keep track of progress and share it with your students and their parents. Plus, have students keep track of their practice time. Even run a report for your studio to see who's practicing the most.


Blink Lesson Student Dashboard Blink Lesson Homework Assign Homework