Comparison Of Music Studio Software Platforms

By: Blink Lesson

Below is a comparison of ten online software platforms aimed at music studios and lesson teachers. We hope you find this helpful as you look for the best platform to teach and run your lesson business. This is updated regularly. If you have any corrections, please contact us.

Blink Lesson Tonara MyMusic Staff Teacher Zone Match My Sound
Rock Out Loud Live
Forte Fons
Manage & Business
Handles Students/Teachers in Different Time Zones
Reminders (sms, email)
Self Schedule
Auto-Invoicing or Reporting
Take Card Payments
Save Credit Cards
Stripe Integration
PayPal Integration
Reporting QB integration
Staff Permissions/Roles
Advanced Teacher-Student Linking
Multiple Logins (mom, data, student..)
Notification Preferences
Payroll x (log, does not actually run payroll)
Teaching & Learning Management
Teacher Music Library
Share Music Among Teachers
Upload Video/Audio Files
musicXML Integration
Musescore Integration Integration
YouTube Integration
Google Docs Integration Only used as whiteboard
Practice Log & Report
Record Videos in Homework
Teacer & Student Record Homework Videos
Goal Tracking
Online Lessons
Bulit in or Adds Link to 3rd Party Software Built In Adds Link Adds Link Built In Built In (Jitsi under the hood) Built In (Jitsi under the hood) Adds Link Adds Link
Quality Audio (high bit rate & toggle noise supression off)
Multiple Audio Inputs
White Board Open's Google Doc
YouTube Integration
Spotify Integration
Stream Videos & Audio
View Music During Online Lesson (without screen share)
Integrates Musescore, Flat, and musicXML
Group Lessons
Stream Second Camera
Waiting Room
Observe Teachers
Built in Metronome
Built in Timer
Lead Embed Form
Custom Login Page/Site
Add, "For Sales" Products to Reminder Emails (coming soon)
Mobile App
Training "Certified Studio" Training Course, Help Articles, Tutorial Videos Help Articles Help Articles, Tutorial Videos Help Articles, Tutorial Videos Help Articles, Tutorial Videos Help Articles Help Articles Help Articles Help Articles, Tutorial Videos