Assign homework, share music, collaborate, keep track, connect, all in one place

Student Dashboard & Multiple Logins

With Blink, give your students more than a link to a video meeting. The student dashboard allows them to view lesson appointments, shared notes, uploads, goals, recordings. Plus, complete homework and pay invoices. All in the same place they join online lessons.

Blink's multi-login design is built around real-world situations. We knew, there would be situations mom or dad would need a login too, to pay invoices or help their kids get going.

Blink Lesson Student Dashboard

Seamless Homework

We all know how important practice is, but are you making it easy for your students? Blink Lesson's homework feature makes the transition from lesson to practice seamless.

1. Open a student's file and create a new homework assignment.
2. Add instructions and a due date if you wish.
3. Attach anything from your resource list (musicXML, Scores, PDFs, MP3s, YouTube...) or, any file you've uploaded for the student.
4. Save and your student is notified by email and in-app.
5. Your student views homework with all attachments within their Blink dashboard (computer, tablet, and phones supported).
6. Student adds uploads and attach files and or add notes before submitting.
7. You review and can assign a grade and or feedback.
In just a few clicks, you make it easy for your students to practice, and ultimately excel.

Upload Student Files

Upload any file to a student's record , view them in a session, and share them with your students. Plus, clients can upload files to share with you, and attach files to homework

Blink Lesson Homework

In-App Messaging

Blink Lesson’s in-app messaging makes it easy to communicate with your students. Plus, you and your clients can upload documents to share with another right within the platform.

Assign Homework

Goal Tracking

Keep track of your student’s goals. Set, update, and view goals in and out of sessions. Plus share goals to your student's dashboard so they can keep track of their progress.'


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