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At Blink Lesson, we don't throw you in the pool without a life preserver. Blink Lesson is the most robust software for lesson teachers and studios. We have a lot of features. Training is essential.

No worries, we got you covered. Blink Lesson is the only lesson system with built in training, plus we give you a 15 trial of the system.

After signing up, you'll be promoted to start training. Most complete the videos and questions in 1-2 hours. Trust us, its well worth your time. You'll also receive an official Blink Lesson certificate of completion.

All Features Included
# StudentsUnlimited
Admin Features
Custom Login Page (Subdomain)
Text (SMS) & Email Reminders
Schedule for Other Staff
Invoicing & Take Payments
Student Dashboard
Share Students Across Multiple Staff Members
Secure In-App Messaging
Learning Management Features
Upload & Store 1k Resources (music, etc.) Per Staff
Resource Catalog & Share Resources
Student Homework & Music Sharing
Notes & Scoring
Goal Tracking
Upload & Share Student Files
Online Lesson Features
Online Lessons
Secure Cloud Recording (Play Recordings in Sessions and Share)*
Observe Staff in Online Lessons
Online Waiting Room
Interactive White Board & Save Boards
Screen Sharing & 2nd Camera
Group Sessions
Simultaneous YouTube Viewing
Upload & Play Audio & Videos In in Sessions
Staff Meetings and Add Teachers to Group Sessions
Email Support
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14 Day Free Trial
*Online lesson recording to our secure cloud storage: $0.03/min with ten days of free storage. After ten days $0.001/min per day.

Enterprise Services

To Learn more about Enterprise Services
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White Label/Custom Branding
Training & Consulting
Custom Bolt-On Modules
Pre or Post Sales Technical Review

Pricing FAQs

Are there any commitments?
Nope, all plans are month-to-month and auto-renew unless you cancel.

Do you charge per student?
We make it easy by giving you unlimited students.