Mic & Speakers Have Permission But Still No Sound

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Category: Online Lesson A/V

Sometimes, after you have given permission for your browser permission to use your camera and mic, your mic still doesn't work and or you can't hear the other person.

This problem usually occurs if you previously had headphones, an external monitor, or projector connected to your computer. This is especially a problem on Windows. Even though you disconnected the external device, Windows is still trying to send or receive sound from it.

To fix this mic problem:

1) Above your video you will see change mic and camera buttons. Change the mic to one that is connected to your computer. Sometimes you will get another prompt to give permissions to use this mic.

To fix output sound problem on Windows:

1) Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the taskbar. If it's not there, go to the Control Panel and find "Sound".

2) Click "Playback Devices" then select the speakers (playback device) and input devices you want to use.

Sometimes, after doing this, you will need to restart your browser.

To fix output sound problem on Mac:

1) Go to System Preferences and click Sound.

2) Click "Output" ad the top, then select the device you want to use.

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