Not Seeing Video Or Hearing Audio

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Category: Online Lesson A/V

Using Chrome

1) In the address bar - Click the camera icon with a red x.

2) Change the settings and reload the page.

No Camera Icon in Address Bar
1) Go to Preferences/Settings
2) Click Advanced
3) Click Content Settings
4) Click Camera (and Microphone)
5) Change if set to Blocked. Then reload the page

Using Firefox

1) Click the gray camera & mic icon in the address bar.

2) Under Permissions, Next to "Block Temporarily" click the x and reload.

No Gray Camera & Mic Icon
1) Go to Preferences
2) Click Privacy & Security
3) Under Permissions see Camera (and Microphone)
4) Make sure “Block new requests asking to access your camera/microphone” is not checked
5) Fix and reload the page

Using Safari on Mac

If no box pops up asking for this permission:

1) On the top-left of your screen, click 'Safari' and then 'Settings for this Website'.

2) On the box that pops up make sure camera and microphone are set to 'Allow'. Click the text to change the setting.

3) Reload the page.

Using Safari on iPad or iPhone

If no box pops up asking for this permission:

1) Open your 'Settings' App.

2) Click 'Safari'.

3) Scroll down to 'Camera & Microphone Access' and make sure the switch is turned on.

4) Go back to Safari App and reload the Blink Lesson page.

Answers to help questions can also be accessed within your Blink Lesson account by click "Help" from the top menu