How To Watch a YouTube Video

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Blink Lesson allows you to load and watch YouTube videos without having to share your screen. There are two ways to load videos: 1) Add them to your Resources before a lesson, 2) Load a video on the fly in the lesson.

Add a YouTube video to your resource list

1) Click "Resources" -> "Create Resource"

2) Select "YouTube Video"

3) Open another tab on your browser, go to and find the video you want to add.

4) Copy the URL (link) to the video from your address bar.

5) Go back to the Blink Lesson tab and paste in the link.

6) If the video is valid and it allows embedding, it will show up and you can save it to your resources.

7) To use in a lesson, go to your resources and click on the video. It will be added at the top where you can load it.

Load a video on the fly in a lesson

1) While you are in a lesson, click "Resources" -> "YouTube Quick Add"

2) Paste in the link to your youtube video.

3) Click load and system will find the video and load it on your student's and your computer.


If your student is on a tablet or phone the method of playing YoutTube videos might not work. Touch devices have strict requirements which sometimes block this method. The alternate method is to screen share a YouTube tab. On Chrome, you are allowed to, "share audio" from a tab you screen share.

Content filter blocking YouTube: If you or your student have a internet content filter on their computer or network which has YouTube blocked, this feature will not work. In that case, they can either remove the block or you can use screen share to play videos.

Answers to help questions can also be accessed within your Blink Lesson account by click "Help" from the top menu