How To Observe Another Staff's Session

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Category: Staff Users

Note: the User Admin permission required to observe other Staff.

If your organization uses the Schedule feature,, go to the Dashboard -> Schedule and select the staff person you want to observe from the top. Find and click on the appointment you want to observe. Click "Observe" next the student.

You can also observe by going to "Staff"

Find the staff person you want to observe and click "Observe". Find the student they are in an online lesson with.

You will enter the online lesson as an observer. If you don't see any video initially, wait for the staff and student to join

-Your camera and mic will NOT turn on, you will only see and hear video from the staff and student.
-The staff member will receive a notification that you have started observing. The student will NOT receive a notification.
-You will see the white board space enabling you to view what the staff member is showing the student.
-At the bottom right of your screen, you will see a "Chat with staff" button. Use this to privately chat with the staff.
-When you join the lesson, a "Chat with observer" button will appear for the staff member.

Answers to help questions can also be accessed within your Blink Lesson account by click "Help" from the top menu