What Level of Support Do You Provide?

Frequently Asked Questions

At Blink, we recognize how important support is to the delivery of your virtual services. We are often asked: "What level of support do you provide?" We like to respond with: "What do you mean by support?"

There are many tech components involved in virtual service operations, including:

1) Computer/tablet/phone hardware (battery,screen, processor, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
2) Internet connection
3) Local network, including WiFi
4) Operating system (Windows,OSX, iOS, Android)
5) Potential viruses, malware, or poor configurations
6) The software, or in the case of Blink Lesson, the browser you are using to access the service (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
7) The cloud software itself
8) The user's knowledge of how to use the software

Each of these require a different type of "support". At Blink, the main focus of our support is keeping the platform up and running. We guarantee 99% up time, but usually reach 99.9% or higher each year.

Support request related to how to use features or potential platform problems are answered within 24 business hours. We recommend that our customers retain qualified IT employees (or outsourced) to help with day-to-day issues, including troubleshooting computer or internet issues.

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