How Are lessons Adjusted for Different Timezones?

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If user chooses free plan AFTER signing up for a payed plan, update their plan to free and direct to dashboard. Blink Lesson's schedule is designed make it easy to set lessons with students in different timezones. When your schedule loads, it will automatically display lessons according to the timezone you are currently located in, or you can select a different timezone.

Also, when you add a new staff user or student, you are required to select their timezone. That way, when reminders are sent, they are printed in the notification (email, etc) according to their timezone. If you use the, "Self Schedule" feature, Blink Lesson also automatically converts your availability according to timezone. Thus, if you add an available slot for 8am Central Time U.S. but one your students is in Eastern Time, they will see it as 9am. Super Easy!

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